But Just Who Is - Holly Blackwell?                                                

You have read other time management information, haven't you?

And you are wondering, what is different about her?  Why should  I read or follow what she has to say?

Good question!

Probably like you, I have struggled with managing my time for most of my life.  I was a champion procrastinator, putting the biggest of  projects off until the last minute because "I did my best work under pressure".  I even graduated at the top of my class in High School and Summa Cum Laude in College (not to brag, just to point out that I REALLY believed this was the way I was created to work because I did just fine!).

This flawed system was the way I approached everything and I assumed it was a good one because I WAS successful. 

In the corporate world, I rose quickly to a management position.  When I turned to teaching after marriage I enjoyed my frantic and hectic pace teaching hormone-laced 7th graders!  And I was given several extra responsibilities - so SURELY it was because I was capable of handling them, right?

Then I became a mom.

God gave me one, so He gave me the very best (I know you know what I mean even if He gave you six).

And He enabled me to stay at home.
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I loved being at home, but I couldn't sit still so I started a business from my home.  I also became involved in several activities with my son and eventually some evolved into "work"
(albeit volunteer work).

But I was tired.

Some would say it was because I was too involved, but I knew it was because I was still managing everything with a frantic, reactionary approach!

I began reading and studying everything I could get my hands on and realized I was not born to be a procrastinator or to run at a frantic pace, but I had created it.

And because it was created, I could re-create and fix it!

I tried countless approaches and systems, and from every one I learned something I could use.  But none were quite right for me.

So, I developed my own Time by DE.S.I.G.N. System.

I am the proud wife of a rancher.  The mom of one tireless son. A teacher for an awesome Bible Study.  The owner of not one, but two businesses I run from my home.  I enjoy biking, gardening, reading, and playing games with said son.

All this is possible, because I am also the
Owner of My Own Time.